It’s not something you go hunting for.  It’s not something that is expected – at least at this stage of life.  We grown ups are past the days of having doting family members pointing out the good things we do every day.  We just carry on.  Sometimes we feel good about the day.  Sometimes not.

In starting a business, we need validation.  Are we solving an important problem?  Are we providing enough value?  Are we relevant to the current trends?  Are we helping a job to get done?  But, none of these questions are about us, as people, they are about our product or service and business model.

If you are lucky – and I count myself as lucky – you have a tribe around you who helps you brush yourself off when you fall and who shows you that they believe in you.  These are the people who know you and understand your vision for your life and your business.

But, once in while, something really amazing happens, and someone, or a group of someone’s, wholly unconnected with you, take notice of what you are doing.  And applaud.  Unexpected…and so appreciated.

I am very excited to have been chosen as one of the 50 over 50 entrepreneurs in Canada for 2018.   This group is diverse and driven, passionate and wise, and an inspiration to any would-be startup founder.  My thanks to my peers, the 2017 winners, for choosing me to join this group.  To Wendy Mayhew, who saw the need to recognize and support a fast growing segment of entrepreneurs, I am grateful for the time and effort to maintain these awards.  To my fellow winners, I hope you reach all of your goals, and my thanks for not letting a number stop you from pursuing your passions.

Recognition.  It doesn’t come as often as it once did, or as often as it probably should – but, maybe that’s what makes it so sweet.

About the Author:  This is me!  My passion lies in leveraging today’s technology to create, support and engage communities and drive measurable economic growth.  Like many, I yearn for a time when fear won’t dominate actions, where local shops thrive and people understand the value and power of local investment, in all it’s forms.

~ Lisa Denis, Founder