Wherever you go: Create engagement with Emoggo

Mobilize and connect with local business sponsors in a new and fresh way.

Are you a charity, not-for-profit association or sports club, or community service provider struggling to raise the funds required to continue your good works?  Emoggo can help you to:

  • Increase awareness: Local businesses who chose Emoggo are provided opportunities to make donations to local community organizations in order to earn a badge for their listing and enjoy preferred search options.  As our partner, your organization will be presented to the business as an option for their donation.
  • Increase donations:  Every dollar donated by a local business will be matched 100% by Emoggo, doubling your benefits.  And your organization will be available for new donations several times each year.  Our goal is to donate $100,000 to local organizations each year.  And, when you are running your own campaigns, you can now tell businesses about a new way to sponsor where their dollar is doubled.
  • Increase Connections:  Once chosen for support, your organization becomes a permanent part of the listing content consumers see while using the app and information about you, your goals and your mission will be added to the Emoggo website.

Ask us about other ways we can help, like Emoggo user drives and event promotions.