Create Memorable Experiences for your Customers with Emoggo

Drive more interest, traffic and support for your business, easily and affordably.  Creating outstanding customer experiences will differentiate your business and build strong loyalty among your customers that leads to bottom line results.  Compete with large brands, surprise and delight your customers and grow your business today with Emoggo.

Participate in Exclusive Events

Emoggo works with independent businesses and local franchises to create unique online and offline experiences that showcase the character of your business, your location, and your products and services, targeted to your specific consumer market.

Get Mobile

Supporting real-life physical experiences, the Emoggo app allows you to reach consumers digitally where they are with information personalized to your consumers location on events, sales and special offers, and the ability to send entertaining and highly targeted personalized messages via push notification, text message or email.

Character Matters

Coming Soon! Showcase your uniqueness and value at a whole new level by sharing searchable details about your business so consumers have all the information they need to choose you.  Characteristics like accessibility, kid-friendly options, and eco-friendly options and in the moment information.

Support Your Community

Help Emoggo reach a goal to donate $100,000 to local charities and not-for-profit clubs and organizations by adding a community fund option to your Enhanced listing.  We will match your donation and highlight your listing with a special community supporter badge.

Want Emoggo in your community?  Let us know!