Wherever you go: Emoggo

Get relevant, timely and personalized information on the businesses and services in your community

With the Emoggo App, you can:

  • View & Search Businesses by Proximity: Explore the community around you through business listings that are presented based on proximity to your current location.  Use the category and filter options to narrow your search in either a list view or a map view.
  • Get Exclusive Deals: Sales and exclusive offers are shown in the list view with a price tag icon.  Emoggo users can take advantage of exclusive offers and contests.
  • Create a Favourites List:  Tap the heart icon to add a business listing to your personal favourites list.
  • Share a Listing:  Tap the share icon to share a listing via your favourite method: SMS, email, Facebook, etc.
  • Personalize your Experience:  Advanced filter options allow you to view the listings in formats that work for you, such as filtering for businesses who support the community at large and businesses who are accessible.
  • Set your Preferences:  Emoggo will send personalized messaging when you are within proximity to a local business or service.  You can control what you receive messages for and how you prefer to receive them.
  • Plan your Day:  In addition to business listing information, the Emoggo app also lists community and business promoted events so you can plan your evening or weekend.

Not from around here and want Emoggo in your community?  Let us know!

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