About Us

We are the kids who grew up climbing the chain link fences between yards and any tree we could find.  We set up lemonade stands on the corner and stayed outside until the streetlights came on.  We rode our bike’s to main street for ice cream and knew the shortcuts to everywhere.  We were connected to our streets, and neighborhoods, and towns.

And now, in a time when humanity is reported to be more connected than ever before, our streets, and neighborhoods, and towns have lost their connection to the community.  We want to bring it back.

We developed Emoggo in an effort to encourage you to explore your community – find the shortcuts and the hidden gems.  Discover your community and get connected to the places where you live, work and play.

Why Emoggo?

150 years ago there was a strong sense of community, even though people were geographically distances from each other most of the time.  That sense of community came from trips to the general store, the mill or the blacksmith and we believe that local businesses still hold the power to create that sense of community strength today.  That means getting more foot traffic through the front doors and increasing engagement and involvement with local customers.

Consumers have changed and the advance of tech savvy millennial shoppers represents new challenges.  Shoppers have access to more information and expect a higher level of personalized attention than ever before.  Businesses must be able to reach them where they are – on their mobile devices.

In addition to traditional advertising, there are many opportunities for business large and small to digitally promote and market themselves.  Most cast a wide net or require search engine expertise to provide a measurable return.  And very few target information to your potential customers when and where they are.