It’s a difficult time for many, but especially for the small, local businesses that make our communities the special places they are.  Many have had to alter their business model or close their doors to help keep our Country and those most vulnerable safe.  And we are grateful.

Like many, we started thinking about what we could do to help them – to help you to help them.  And so….

Introducing the Emoggo Scavenger Scramble!

Take a tour through the app and locate <<letters>>.  Collect them all, and unscramble them to uncover a phrase.  The phrase is your clue to a local business.  Check the event details on the app for the number of words and letters in the phrase.  Once you determine which business the clue is referring to, enter it here, along with your email address for a chance to win a gift certificate, worth $25 in goods and services at participating local businesses.  The clues reset every Monday, and you can try again each week.  We will also provide additional clues throughout the week, if you need them.  And since we love surprises, there may be some additional prizes throughout the next few weeks.

But that’s not all!  We want your help to pay it forward to all of those who are on the front lines to serve us, so you will receive a second gift certificate to give away.  Give it to your food deliver or curbside pick up person, the cashier at the grocery store or pharmacy, the gas station attendant, a healthcare worker, the ride share driver, the shelf stocker or cart collector or anyone else you know or see working in service during these uncertain times.

But wait – there’s more!  Our mantra is not to let perfect be the enemy of the possible.  We are not quite perfect, yet.  So, you can help with that too!  If you have any technical issues with the app, report them with your contest entry to be eligible for a draw for $100 in local goods and services.

And finally…because our local not-for-profit organizations are also feeling the pinch, we will donate $1 for every contest entry to our charity partners.

Watch for updates on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and watch for additional clues throughout the week.